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Most people think that there are only a few uses for the scales that we offer. We thought the same thing when we first started out retailing these scales.

We have had many customers specifically request scales for weighing all of the items listed below. After several years and tens of thousands of dollars spent in research, we have developed hundreds of ideas on how to market these scales. Below is a list of REAL uses (Most recommended by our customers)

- loose diamonds, gemstones, and other lapidary materials
- gold, silver, platinum, palladium and scrap jewelry
- coins, bars, nuggets, flakes, ingots and other bullion
- model cars for BSA Pinewood derby racing and other “soapbox” derbies
- food portions for portioning, measuring or weight management
- fresh or dried herbs & spices
- vitamins, minerals & dietary supplements for dieting or overall wellbeing
- archaeological excavation for weighing artifacts
- dental compounds and other medical lab materials
- metal detecting, for weighing coins, rings, and other treasures
- gunpowder for reloading empty rounds
- archery broadheads & other arrow tips, bows, feathers for fletching
- lab chemicals (e.g., industrial labs, university chemistry labs, and other school settings)

The DIGIWEIGH brand is synonomous with quality & durability. The success of this brand that has led to its prescence as a premier product is attributed to the following:

Load cell technology: Load cell technology or strain gauge technology is the prime strength of DIGIWEIGH. Load cells are weight sensitive scales that ensure accuracy of the digital scales. DIGIWEIGH’s reputation in this technology is unsurpassed in the industry.
No-compromise quality: DIGIWEIGH’s main concern has been to maintain a high standard of quality at reasonable pricing. By a vertical integration of purchasing, manufacturing and marketing DIGIWEIGH has ensured its steady presence in the weighing scales market. A no-compromise on the quality and competitive marketing has helped the company to be a leader in the scales market. Quality control and performance evaluation has been the milestones of DIGIWEIGH quality parameters.
Research and development: The research and development wing of DIGIWEIGH is comprised by a team of highly trained individuals who continuously strive to be more innovative and imaginative in the overall approach. The overall approach of DIGIWEIGH is to provide an honest accuracy of the weight calibrations in its scales. The research and development department always looks for new feedback from clients and customers in order to ensure the utmost accuracy in their products.
Customer-centered approach: Servicing the customer’s specific weighing needs has been the motto at DIGIWEIGH. Be it a school laboratory or a heavy duty industrial arena, DIGIWEIGH has valued all its customers. The customer feedback is an important component of the growing process at DIGIWEIGH. All the products at the company are attractively packaged, UPC coded and shelf ready for disposal. NTEP certificates have also been attained, wherever applicable and the certificate is viewable to anyone. The manufacturing facility at DIGIWEIGH is both ISO 9000 and ISO 2000 compliant.
Low price: Competitive marketing and market analysis has let DIGIWEIGH fix reasonable price ceilings for their products. The price of DIGIWEIGH products is most often less than that of the competitors in the scale bazaar.
Warranty and service support: All products of DIGIWEIGH carry a limited one year Direct Manufacturer Warranty. Some of the products have free extended warranty with registration. The company operates service centers in California, USA. We, at digiweigh-scales.com, offer our customers a "Lifetime" warranty on all the products we sell.